A tale of two Facebook friends that deleted me


Many many Facebook friends have deleted me over time. I’ve deleted a few myself too. But I knew two of my friendships were going to end, as they were beginning. I’ll call my two ex-friends Friend A and Friend B.

I never actually met Friend A in person. She is from Ukraine. I met her when I was on a messenger service called ICQ, before Facebook was popular. We maintained our friendship over the years, and then when Facebook became popular, we became friends on Facebook. From the outset, even in the ICQ days, she was very opinionated, and really couldn’t accept anyone disagreeing with her. 

She lived in the Crimea, the area Vladimir Putin annexed in 2014. She was also unapologetically pro-Russian. When I stated Putin should not have annexed Crimea, she got very upset, and she unfriended me a few days later. 

As I can recall, I only ever had one conversation with Friend B. She was assigned to help me with my paper in an English class. In high school, she was very visible, always had something to say. She was very cute, she knew how to emphasize her physical features, and she was a flirt. She was also very arrogant, and the few times we did ever interact, she seemed very condescending to me. A little over 10 years after we graduated high school, she sent me a friend request on Facebook. I knew this would probably end badly, because I remember how opinionated she was.

I am a very adamant liberal, but I do not always believe everything liberals tell me to do or think. When Donald Trump was elected, I had a nervous breakdown, like many of us did. But I found myself really turned off by the protests and how so many celebrities felt like they could take on Trump singlehandedly, and I voiced my opinion on the subject on Facebook. This upset Friend B. Then a few days after the argument, I posted some page that listed the best high schools in each state, and I made significant note about how my alma matter wasn’t even in the top 100 of my home state’s schools. This upset Friend B greatly, and she unfriended me almost immediately thereafter.

I didn’t want my friendship with either on to end at all. I enjoyed speaking with both of them, both had a lot of intelligent things to say. But both of them do not want to hear anybody disagreeing with them, under any circumstances.

What’s even more strange is that we agreed on pretty much everything else. But individuals like that feel you have to agree with them on everything. From the outset, I had a feeling both Friend A and Friend B were somewhat toxic and they were going to try and drag me, if not other people, with them. And if they ended our friendship, they did me a favor.

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